Entry #1

Newbie on Newgrounds

2008-10-20 06:27:32 by RazorFury

New to the site here and new to producing anything with a computer! I'm digging it. Hope to meet some new friends and check out some sweet audio and flash.

Newbie on Newgrounds


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2008-10-20 06:48:25

Well, let me tell you this, the users aren't very nice. You will get some IM messages that you wont like sometimes. Oh, and welcome to Newgrounds. I hope you enjoying so far.


2008-10-20 08:57:33

Like what Geek23 said, not all users are nice. You need to pick the nice one if you want friends. I consider myself as a nice person, its up to you if you wanna be friends, just PM me :3